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By | September 15, 2023

“Office Oasis: Choosing the Right Water Cooler”

Consider Your Office Size:  How many people in your office use the water cooler is directly proportional to your office size. A larger workplace may require more water coolers or a larger one to ensure workers can access clean, refreshing water.

Type of Water Cooler:  There are two primary types of water coolers on the market. Bottles are unnecessary for water coolers that connect to your building’s plumbing system. However, water supplies and large water bottles are needed for bottled water coolers.

Filtration Needs:   Invest in a water cooler with high-quality filtration if you value drinking water’s purity. This process can remove contaminants and enhance the quality of the water.

Hot and Cold Water Options:  Pick a water cooler that offers both hot and cold water options. On warm days, having access to chilled water for preparing tea and coffee is a welcome luxury.

Space and Placement:  Think about the water cooler’s location. It needs to be where workers can quickly get to it without causing any congestion in the office.

Maintenance and Cleaning:  See how simple it is to keep the water cooler in working order. Some designs are self-cleaning or require minimal maintenance.

nergy Efficiency:  Try to find low-energy models—long-term electricity consumption. 

Budget:  Establish a financial plan for the acquisition and upkeep of the water cooler. Think about the expense of replacement filters and water bottles before purchasing a bottled cooler.

Environmental Impact:  Think about how your decision will affect the planet. A bottle-less water cooler is more eco-friendly since it reduces or eliminates plastic bottle waste.

Brand Reputation:  Pick a more extraordinary water brand with a solid reputation for quality and service. Your purchase is guaranteed to be of high quality.

Warranty and Support:  If you have any questions or issues with your water cooler, consult the manufacturer’s warranty and customer service.

Customer Feedback: You may learn about the water cooler’s actual performance and dependability by reading reviews from other businesses that have purchased the same type.

Customization:  There are water coolers that can be branded or designed to match the aesthetic of your office.

Delivery and Installation:  Check with the vendor if they offer delivery and installation services to reduce installation time.

Health and Safety:  Be sure the water cooler is sanitary and up to code to provide safe drinking water.

User-Friendly Features:  Features that make it simple for employees to operate the water cooler include touchless dispensing, programmable temperature adjustments, and digital displays.

Long-Term Costs:  Filter replacements, power, and routine maintenance add to significant ongoing costs for a water cooler.

Employee Input:  Since workers will be using the water cooler frequently, getting their input on the matter is a good idea.

Backup Plan:  Ensure your workforce always has access to water by having a backup plan in case the water cooler breaks.

Future Growth:  Think about the possibility of your company expanding. If your business grows, will you need a more extensive water cooler, or will the one you’ve picked be sufficient?

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